[STAY.Z]Kim Ik Hwan: Communicate with world by Painting

25 May 2023

23rd September 2021

Kim Ik-Hwan's solo exhibition was held in Stay.z co-hosted by GIZI Foundation and EBS.

Ik-Hwan drew paintings earlier than start to speak. 

He painted animals, Zodiac signs, and wrote a recipe book.

Recently, Ik-Hwan is thriving to draw movie posters.

Due to the painter having autistic spectrum disorder, he has to struggle with loud sounds and spaces with multiple people when he comes to the theater. However, Ik-Hwan tolerates it and loves watching movies in the theater because they learn about the world through movies.

Ik Hwan draws movie posters maybe because they are recognized by many people, and can be the opportunity to have a bond of sympathy with others.

For Ik-Hwan, painting is the most comfortable language to communicate with others.

And GIZI Foundation arranged a place of communication for Ik-Hwan.

Hope you have a deep conversation with Ik-hwan at a place where full of stories of the painter.