Footprint of the GIZI Foundation 


Kang Kang-hoon, Osang Gwon [Park Seo-Bo as Object] 

1st, Aug, 2022 - 9th, Oct, 2022


Song Hyun Ju [Invisible Paradox]

2nd, Jul, 2022 - 31st, Jul, 2022


Breaking the boundaries in art, the artist explains that his work is like a photograph, like a design, like an architectural design.
The plastic model toys and the artist's collections that fill the small exhibition spaces are exhibits in themselves, and also materials that inspire his paintings.
In this way, experiments beyond the boundaries of each other are conducted at 26SQM.

There was a solo concert by jazz pianist Cho Yoon Seung.
Even though it was a weekday afternoon with heavy monsoon rains, many people attended, so we were able to hold a good performance full of Nordic sounds and smells.

We have docent programs at Seo-Bo Hall in GIZI every Wednesday and Friday at 2 p.m.

Director Jang Dong-hoon, who had worked hard since the foundation was established, resigned and director Yongchan Kim was newly inaugurated.

Ryu Jae Hyeok [Empty Picture]

1st, Jun, 2022 - 30th, Jun, 2022


Ryu Jae Hyeok paints on the canvas, erases the painting by covering over it, and repeats painting again.
We introduce the artist's works expressed in various colors.

4 pm. 29th May, 2022.

We had a special lecture of writer Kim Honbi in the afternoon when the sun was warm.

It was a more enjoyable time with Oh Eun, a poet, who emceed the event.

7 pm. 16th May, 2022.

We had a special lecture of Kim Tak-hwan.
It was a great time with farmer Lee Dong-hyun, sorikkun(pansori singer) Choi Yong-sung, and guitarist Jung Jae-young.

7:30 pm. 12th May, 2022.

We had a special lecture of Kwon Hyukran at Stay.Z of GIZI.

Lee Sang Hee [Breathiing]

5th, May, 2022 - 29th, May, 2022


The artist who majored in Oriental painting draws using traditional materials.
The painting on the canvas looks like it's breathed in. 

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