Footprint of the GIZI Foundation 


Kimchi and Chips [Another Moon]

7th, April, 2022 - 1st, May, 2022


Kimchi & Chips, a media artist team where Korean art director and British tech director meet and work together.
It is experimenting with various technologies and combining them with art to showcase large-scale exhibits.
It made another moon using a laser and floated it in the sky of Germany.
You can see the journey in this exhibition.

Suzung Kim [Light Box]

7th, April, 2022 - 1st, May, 2022


Suzung Kim's exhibition was held in a small exhibition hall in GIZI.
It is an experimental exhibition in which light, which plays a role in making the exhibits stand out, is displayed as object.
Kim records a scene where light fills an empty space and changes from time to time.

Yoon Myoung-Sook [Wife, Mother and Myself]

8th, March, 2022 - 31st, March, 2022


She went to art school, but stopped studying due to marriage and lived her whole life as a mother of three and wife of a famous painter.

She has been painting in her spare time, but it was only recently that she began painting again, when covid-19 began to spread.

What kind of life would Yoon Myung-sook have lived if she chose her life as a priority without sacrifice? We put together her works and set up a small exhibition.

4 pm. 26th February, 2022. 

A showcase 'Soullette Birthday Party' was held to commemorate the release of the singer-songwriter Soullette's album, 'Brithday'.

We had a meeting with the directors of our foundation to report on the operation of the foundation and share future issues.

Park Seo-Bo Art Museum will be built in the south of Jeju Island.
It was designed by Fernando Menis, an architect who coexists with the natural environment.

For Ik-Hwan, who suffers from autism and brain tumors, painting is a means of communicating with the world.
In collaboration with EBS, Kim Ik-Hwan's exhibition was held in Stay.Z.

We planned and conducted online jazz performances for people who are having a hard time due to infectious diseases.
It was our first live online performance, so there were a lot of incidents, but we had a great time.

Upon Rizzoli's proposal, Kukje Gallery and GIZI Foundation will publish a book on Park Seo-Bo in collaboration. 

The text will be written by Jin Joo Lee, with Rosa Maria Falvo as the chief editor.

In order to lay the academic foundation for Park Seo-Bo's world of works and Dansaekhwa research, we conducted a project to support graduate students at home and abroad with a degree thesis.

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