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Call for Foundation Recruitment (closed)

5 Apr 2023

The researcher/archivist position is open for GIZI Foundation (soon-to-be Park Seo-Bo Foundation). We are looking for employees to manage the artist’s archive and to develop future exhibition contents and programs for artist’s memorial hall and museum (to be constructed). For the position, (1) major in art, art history, aesthetics (philosophy of art), or in related field and (2) fluency in English are desirable. The terms of employment include a 3-month internship, during which the salary will be 70% normal pay. After 3 months, upon both parties’ agreement of one’s transition into a permanent position, the terms of employment will be re-negotiated and the reduced 30% salary will be re-imbursed on the 4th month. Interested applicants should send their resumé and cover letter to the following:

Application Deadline: April 16th, 2023