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Louis Vuitton Opens ‘ArtyCapucines’ Pop-Up Exhibition, Collaborating with Artist Park Seo-Bo, the Master of Korean Contemporary Art

29 Oct 2022

Louis Vuitton Opens ‘ArtyCapucines’ Pop-Up Exhibition, Collaborating with Artist Park Seo-Bo, the Master of Korean Contemporary Art

Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines Presentation showcases perspectives of six global contemporary artists, including Park Seo-Bo who is the first Korean artist to be selected

With three works of Park Seo-Bo’s signature Ecriture series, Louis Vuitton offers uniquely multi-layered experience of culture and art.

Louis Vuitton presents Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines Presentation at Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul, between Nov. 8th to 26th, 2022. The word ‘Capucines’ of the project Capucines bag comes from the street where Louis Vuitton’s first atelier and store opened, the rue Neuve-des-Capucines and from the project, Capucines bags transform anew every year with a collaboration with six renowned contemporary artists from 2019. In particular this year, Park Seo-Bo, who is the master of Korean contemporary art, participated for the first time as a Korean artist along with internationally-known artists Daniel Buren, Ugo Rondinone, Peter Marino, Kennedy Yanko, and Amélie Bertrand who presented new ArtyCapucines with uniquely different appeals.

ArtyCapucines Park Seo-Bo edition was designed based on a 2016 work from the artist’s representative style, Ecritures. To recreate the image’s tactile texture, the bag’s calfskin is first treated with a brushstroke-like “coup de pinceau” effect, before a detailed 3D rubber injection - based upon a high-definition scan of the painting - is then carefully applied to the leather. To ensure that each bag reproduces the original work’s deep patina, the bright red and burgundy leather is carefully selected and then hand-finished.

The pocket inside the bag has Park’s signature printed on it, recreating the back of the artist’s original work. Metal frame and walnut wood was used for the handle and inlaid pattern leather in harmony with the deep burgundy color was added to the enchapes and LV logo. Four studs were attached to the bottom of the bag, in inspiration from screws that the artist used for his works for a long time.

“The moment I saw ArtyCapucines that were wearing [my] artwork, I could feel the artisan spirit of Louis Vuitton right away,” said Park. “ArtyCapucines is an ideal example of how art can coexist with the general public in everyday life.”  

Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines Presentation is open to walk-ins and is free of admission fee. Three works of Park Seo-Bo’s Ecritures will also be displayed. Starting from the ‘60s, Park Seo-Bo continues to work on Ecriture series. In the beginning, he drew lines on the painted canvas with pencils but from the early ‘80s, the artist started to utilize the character of hanji. In the works, hanji was immersed in water for a few weeks was applied to canvas, and then its surface was filled using pencil and acrylic paint.

This is Louis Vuitton’s third occasion to work with Park; the brand displayed two Ecritures in the pop-up restaurant Pierre Sang at Louis Vuitton in May, which was the first of its kind to be opened in Korea. Also in last October, Park Seo-Bo contributed to the update of Louis Vuitton City Guide Collection for Seoul, introducing various scenes of the city from restaurants to the galleries.

Louis Vuitton continues to make trail in various global culture and art world. In particular, in the 1st Paris+ par Art Basel which took place in October 19th to 23rd, the brand showcased collaboration bags created in the past four years with the 24 contemporary artists for ArtyCapucines collections, including the one made with artist Park Seo-Bo.

Exhibition Info

Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines Presentation

Period:        Nov. 8th - Nov. 26th, 2022

Address:      4F Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul

                    454, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hours:         Monday to Sunday 11:00 - 20:00 (open throughout the period)

Walk-ins, No admission fee

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