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Louis Vuitton Exhibits at Paris+ par Art Basel

29 Oct 2022

The first Korean artist to collaborate with Louis Vuitton

In first collaboration with a Korean artist, Louis Vuitton launched the ArtyCapucines collection designed with Park Seo-Bo at Paris+ Art Basel. The new ArtyCapucines bag is based on a 2016 Ecriture work by Park Seo-Bo who is the master of Korean contemporary art, perfectly recreating the texture and detail of his original work. Aside from Park, total 6 contemporary artists including Daniel Buren, Ugo Rondinone, Peter Marino, Kennedy Yanko, ant Amélie Bertrand transformed the ArtyCapucines bags with their own unique colors. The ArtyCapucines bags are limited-edition, numbered and marked from 1 to 200, and will be presented with special gift boxes.