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Park Seo-Bo: Ecriture - A Book on the Life of Park Seo-Bo To Be Published from Rizzoli

24 Feb 2022


Reading Park Seo-Bo with Rizzoli

The year 2021 was quite a busy time for the foundation. During the time, we made a book on Park Seo-Bo with the renowned art publishing company, Rizzoli. Thanks to the numerous interviews led by the book’s writer Jin Joo Lee, stories related to the artist’s life as well as his artistic oeuvre were able to come to light. Rosa Maria, the Rizzoli’s chief editor for the book who has a deep understanding of Korean art history and culture, found her collaboration with the writer Lee a pleasurable journey.

As an art book, the new Rizzoli book contains many illustrations. Much time was spent on sifting through the artist's photograph albums of his life and on selecting the list of works with good images.

The resulting book is an extensive volume of over 400 pages. It will be with filled with excellent writings and images that went through color-adjustments.

Soon we will reveal this project’s result that took up over a year’s time and effort.

We will return shortly to announce method of purchase for the book.