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Montblanc Haus Opens

20 May 2022

A space to inspire writing: Montblanc Haus embodies Montblanc’s history and mission

Montblanc Haus Opens

Montblanc Haus opens at the heart of Montblanc, Hamburg, Germany

Features various permanent exhibitions⎯a the hand-written letter of Park Seo-Bo to his wife included in the collection

View of Montblanc Haus

Montblanc, a luxury business lifestyle brand opened Montblanc Haus in Hamburg, Germany.

Montblanc Haus contains the story of Montblanc from its founding days to the present, of the people who craft Monblanc’s writing instruments, and of those who have used them to leave their mark in the world. Situated right next to the headquarters and the manufacturing facility of Montblanc’s iconic writing instruments, the project stretches over a 3-stories architecture of 3600m2. The architects of “Nieto Sobejano” have created an homage to the historical shape of Montblanc’s writing instrument packaging, combining its symbolic colors of black and white and the elongated rectangular structure with length of 112m.

True to Montblanc’s mission to ‘inspire writing,’ the permanent exhibition at Montblanc Haus explores different themes, including the section on Montblanc’s Legacy and Vision that displays the story of Meisterstück, the Maison’s iconic writing pen, the part dedicated to the Craftsmanship and Innovation of the brand where the visitors can explore the making-process of the writing instruments and the craftsmanship of Montblanc, and the hard-to-find-elsewhere Collections assembling the limited edition Montblanc products and High Artistry pieces.

Exhibition views of Montblanc Haus

Among the sections, the Mark Making space features an Autograph Library with 30 original handwritten notes from Ernest Hemmingway to Albert Einstein who have left their mark in the world. Included in the collection are the writings of Park Seo-Bo, who is the only Korean to be exhibited in the list. The exhibited pieces are the two hand-written postcards the artist sent to his wife, Yoon Myoung-Sook: one is a postcard sent from Paris in 1961 and the other one sent in 2021, Seoul, sixty years later. Crossing over the space and time, Park Seo-Bo’s affection for his wife conveyed in the postcards resonates deeply to the present-day viewers. In addition to the permanent exhibition, Montblanc Haus brings us a multi-cultural space with special Writing Workshops for children and young adults, a Boutique and a café.

The Montblanc Haus, embodying Montblanc’s mission to propagate the importance of writing and inspire people to leave their marks in the world, opened last May 16th. The visits can be arranged by reservations online at the Montblanc Haus webpage.

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Postcard that Park Seo-Bo sent to his wife Yoon Myoung-Sook is displayed in the photo, the fifth one from the left.

Source: Wedding21News (2022. 5. 23.)

Translation: GIZI Foundation